Job Description:

An individual who has completed Personal Care training and is competent to perform assigned functions of personal care to the client in their residence.


  1. Must have completed Personal Care training and competency.
  2. Have a sympathetic attitude toward the care of the sick and elderly.
  3. Ability to carry out directions, read and write.
  4. Maturity and ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job.


  1. Assist clients with personal hygiene, including shower, tub or bed baths, oral care, hair and skin care.
  2. Assist clients in the use of toilet facilities, including bed pans.
  3. Assist clients in and out of bed, excluding the use of mechanical lifting equipment unless trained and documented as a component.
  4. Assist clients with walking, including the use of walkers and wheelchairs, when applicable.
  5. Assist clients with self-administration of medications.
  6. Meal preparation and feeding, when required.
  7. Light housekeeping including laundry (clients).
  8. Assist with prescribed exercises when the client and the aide have been instructed by the appropriate health professional.
  9. Record and report changes in the client’s physical condition, behavior or appearance to the supervisor or the Coordinator.
  10. Document services delivered in accordance with Home Care policies and procedures.
  11. Ability to work for extended period of time while standing and being involved in physical activity.
  12. Ability to do extensive bending, lifting and standing on a regular basis.
  13. Lifting

Service Setting:

Works both indoors in the Agency Office and in the field with clients and referral sources.

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