This service provides assistance with the acquisition, improvement and/or retention of skills and provides necessary support to achieve personal habilitative outcomes that enhance an individual’s ability to live in their community as specified in the Individual Place of Care.  This service includes a combination of habilitative and personal support activities as they would naturally occur during the course of a day.


This service is specifically designed to result in learned outcomes, but can also include elements of personal support that occur naturally during the course of the day.

Examples of the type of support that may occur in these settings include:

  • Provision of instruction and training in one or more need areas to enhance the individual’s ability to access and use the community;
  • Implement strategies to address behavioral, medical or other needs identified in the Individual Plan;
  • Implement all therapeutic recommendations including Speech, O.T., P.T., and assist in following special diets and other therapeutic routines;
  • Mobility training or Travel training;
  • Adaptive communication training;
  • Training or practice in basic consumer skills such as shopping or banking; and,
  • Assisting the individual with all personal care activities.

Service Setting:

Provision of services is limited to the person’s own home or family home and/or in their community.

Service Documentation:

Maintain documentation by the individual providing the service that includes at a minimum: the date of the service; the start time and end time of the service, a description of the activities related to outcomes/goals/objectives, care or transportation provided to the person, and the signature of the person providing the service. The person receiving the service or their legal representative has the option of signing the provider documentation form. For individuals who hire their own staff the employer of record must sign the time sheet to verify the employee worked the hours reported on the time sheet and provided the support noted in the service documentation.

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